Welcome to 2021

I updated my photo for my website today, as well as for my Twitter. It's a straight-on shot with really no expression, which I think sums up 2021 thus far. The events of January 6th were so horrendous with what happened in our nation's capitol, and I think I, like most people, am just feeling a bit numb to everything at this point.

I haven't been working on my sequel like I should be. Really, it's been since November since I've written anything. My grandmother passed away after suffering from declining health for the last couple of years. Even when you expect it, it still rips a hole in your heart and is absolutely anguishing. It's difficult to work on the Prudence sequel when I'm already feeling down because she's such an intense character. On the flip side, it's hard to work on the Witchly sequel when I'm feeling down because it's something that supposed to be upbeat and light. Okay, me not writing anything isn't entirely true. I did write a new short story, Silence. I think maybe seven people have read it, which is far more people than who will take the time to even read this blog. Seriously, why am I even maintaining a website when Twitter and Facebook are where I'm actually able to interact with my readers? Ah, right, part of my contract... which is fine. It is nice to be able to refer to a site where they can buy my books.

Anyway... hope to get some writing done this month. It'll be a nice distraction from this crazy, crazy world!

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