We are getting so close!

ZRT: Division Tennessee will be released next week! It's crazy all of the things involved in releasing a book. Trust me when I say the real work is done AFTER the book is written. Whew! But, here we are, and you're going to be able to enjoy your copy of it in just a mere few days. I hope you love it!

What have I been working on lately? Candidly, only short stories. I'm back in school for a second degree, and my schedule isn't exactly what it used to be. I did have to laugh because my professor told me he liked my writing style after he read my first legal analysis. He has no idea I'm a writer, much less a published one. I just smiled when I saw his feedback. I did put up a new short story last week, and if you've read it, I hope you liked it.

Do you enjoy short stories? I was thinking about writing several and asking my publisher if they'd be interested in publishing them. Bentley Little did it with his book, The Collection. If you like horror stories, you have to read that book. He is amazingly talented at taking the most mundane thing and making it creepy as hell. The very first book I ever read by him, I actually slept with my light on that night.

If you're not reading anything these days because you're too busy to sit down, then invest in audio books! Your local library also has them available. They're great to listen to in the car during your commute, or on your lunch break when you don't want to speak to anyone else (maybe it's just me who wants to eat in peace?). My mom is always doing something around the house or in her yard (which is absolutely stunning), so she can often be found with her headphones on listening to her audio books.

I've posted an interview I did for BHC Press for ZRT, and I'll be doing another interview with Minddog TV next week. I've posted the links for those on my homepage.

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