Less than a month until the release of ZRT: Division Tennessee

So I'm really bad about keeping up with my blog, but let's be real: the analysis shows literally less than 10 people read them, so why should I?

With that in mind...

Welcome to September, where I can already feel fall in the air and it's GREAT! I freaking love fall. I love the colors and being able to spend more time outside because the heat isn't oppressive. It's just a lovely time of year.

I haven't had much time for writing, honestly. I am back in school for a second degree, and that takes up the bulk of my time. It's been a minute since I've been in a classroom, but I love it. I'm so looking forward to the rewards when I finish and begin a new career!

My next book, ZRT: Division Tennessee, is due out October 7th. I'll be discussing it and other topics with Matt of Minddog TV on October 7th and 8:00pm EST if you want to tune into his channel and watch. I always enjoy being on his podcast! Check out his other podcasts as well; he's got some amazing guests!

I'll also be posting a new short story here shortly, so I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time... Happy Reading!

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