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Happy New Year! Hope everyone's having a great year so far! On Christmas Eve, I turned in my anthology series to BHC Press for consideration. It's a variety of short stories ranging from funny/quirky to scary to horrific. I really wanted to include custom drawings with each story. I am not the child who inherited Dad's artistic capabilities, but I did try to sketch a few things. Unfortunately, what I see in my head isn't exactly what winds up on paper. Okay, even that's an exaggeration. It's not even close. Stick figures really are my best effort when it comes to drawing. With that being said, thank goodness for royalty-free images and photographic software that can convert images to look like they're graphic art! I spent hours scouring through photos that I felt best fit with each story and then converting them to have a graphic art feel. Now, I'm not saying I did a graphic novel. Let's be real, people; those are just comic books for adults who don't want to admit they enjoy comic books (and seriously, why not? They're great!). It's more of a picture book anthology, which I think is still pretty cool. Even though I'm already an author for them, I still had to query as if I was brand new and wait 10-12 weeks for their response. I totally respect this process and understand. BHC Press is a fantastic publisher and not everything we authors write is worth publishing. So.... here I am, patiently waiting for them to tell me yes or no. Hopefully they go for it!

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Ah, spring... what a beautiful time of year! Been busy with work and moving... yes, again. Fun times! So. An update on my anthology I turned into BHC Press. They rejected it. I'm not surprised, honest

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