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ARCs have gone out, and I've been reading some of the reviews on Good Reads. Now, it's no secret that I don't write for others. I write for myself because I'm the one sitting in a chair for hours on end over the span of many months, and I want to like what I write, which I do. However, some of these reviews have made me chuckle. One reviewer said Carmen used to be a Muse. No, she was never a Muse. Her friend, Siobhan, is a Muse. Another reader said her stepbrother is named Owen. Nope. It's Finn. So it makes me wonder how much these people who read the ARCs actually read. Are they just skimming through a free book they received in exchange for an honest review? That's how it works. You get free books in exchange for an honest review. If you don't review a book, you're more than likely not going to receive another free book. At the end of the day, read a book because you want to. You might like the blurb, the cover, or are just a fan of the author. But the bottom line is this: read it because you think it will make you happy. Don't go off reviews for a book. It's so opinion-based. It's not like you're looking at reviews for, say, a new iron. Obviously those reviews are important. For books, though? Nah. Read for you.

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