Happy May!

I know times are tough, and I absolutely hate what's happening. I do hope that this summer offers hope: hot weather helping squash the spread of the virus, people spending more time outside enjoying the outdoors instead of glued to a screen, and an overall higher appreciation for the smaller things in life.

I've written a couple of new free short stories for you to enjoy: Teardrops on Fire and When Comes the Huntress. I wrote Teardrops a couple of years ago for a short story competition. I didn't win, but it was certainly interesting incorporating the theme: the apocalypse. Everyone who knows me knows that I love a great apocalypse story. What you read in that story really did happen in the 70s. Seriously. Look it up. When Comes the Huntress is based off a dream I had last week. I made some tweaks to it, and the outcome is what you can now read. I rather like Penelope Roux, and I think I could start a series based on her. I don't know about full-length novels, but definitely short stories here and there. What do you think? What kind of demons would you like to see Penelope face?

The contact portion of my site has been removed, if you didn't notice (which you probably didn't). Please feel free to reach out via social media, which can be found at the bottom of the home page. But don't be a creeper, ok? No one likes creepers.

Please, enjoy the free short stories on rainy days. On pretty days, get your bum outside and have fun in that beautiful sunshine!

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