I had a meeting with BHC Press last Friday to discuss some exciting things coming up within the company. Unfortunately, some of those things are hush hush, and I can't divulge them here yet. But... it's big news for BHC Press! As for me, well... The Immortal Prudence Blackwood was the first book sold on Bookshop for BHC Press. I was pretty excited to hear that! If you don't know what Bookshop is, then where have you been? It's a wonderful way to purchase books, and support indie bookstores and publishers. My next release is A Witchly Influence. I should be receiving the cover art for that soon, and I am really excited to see it. I have to admit something here: apparently I am the absolute worst when it comes to cover art. When I sent ideas for Prudence, I was totally unprepared for what I saw as the concept cover art. Candidly, I wasn't a fan because I was being stubborn. But BHC was 100% correct--no surprise--on the cover for the book, and everyone loves it. I sent some cover art ideas for Witchly, and when BHC told me they were going in a different direction, I laughed. I said, "Oh, what a shock, you don't like my ideas." I meant it in a good way because it's just funny now. I think when the next release happens, BHC will only ask for my input because they want a good laugh. I can't blame them. I have really horrible cover art taste. I don't go into the store and research what's popular now, or have a focus group to help decide. They do. They know what's up, and I trust them completely. ARCs (advanced reader copy) will be ready at some point. I'm sorry, but I don't have a date for that yet. I do know, however, that the official release date is still October 1st!

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