Being Stuck

I wish I could say that I was well into my Prudence sequel, but I'm still quite close to the beginning. I got to a point where I'm stuck, and I've been racking my brain on how to become unstuck. I've asked my writing community for help, and their best advice was to skip over the part where I am and write from there. Well... that's great if you're a plotter. When you're a pantser like I am, that's not possible. I don't set outlines. I go in with a general idea and let everything flow organically from there. Prudence and Clive not getting along? Yeah, that was never something I planned. I was writing that scene, and it just happened. I know people scoff at that, that the characters have control, but they kind of do. You get into the moment and you're in a lot of people's headspace, and you do what you feel is the most natural for them to say and do. I recently took a trip to my husband's hometown for, unfortunately, a funeral for his friend. The silver lining is that trip did jar my brain a bit, so I think I can move on from where I am and continue writing. Writing isn't easy. I wish people understood that. As quickly as readers devour pages, it never occurs to them how long it took to get those words on paper. I don't think it's something that can be understood until you've done it yourself, but maybe take a moment and view it from the other side, so to speak. All of us authors are working hard to put our words out there for ourselves, first and foremost, and for you readers to enjoy. Just be patient.

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