Two Weeks Away!!!

Here we are, a mere two weeks away from the release of The Immortal Prudence Blackwood. I'm very excited! I've mentioned in my other blogs about not being able to work on a sequel for another book of mine because my mood hasn't quite been there. However, it's been there for a Prudence sequel, so that's what I've started on. I'm usually pretty strict with myself when it comes to moving on from one project before finishing it, but, in this case, I had to. There are some things going on in my personal life that have me down, but I'm a champ and not letting them stop me from doing what I love: writing. A Prudence sequel is definitely in its baby stages. I've been reading the reviews from the ARC, and the biggest thing that readers want is more background for Prudence. Candidly, to talk about what she did before her niece dies would be dull. The woman followed her family around for decades, watching over them and caring for them. Not exactly a story there, or at least not one that I'm talented enough to write and have it be enjoyable. So... where I'm going with Prudence this time around will be from Prudence's perspective so you're right there with her. It's also going to be a bit based more on mythology than real events, but I hope my dear readers love it just the same. I have to admit I've been really pleased to see how many readers have said Prudence is a "badass" and that she doesn't "come off as a typical hero." Some writers are plotters: they go into a story knowing absolutely everything that's going to happen, and everything there is to know about their characters. Then there are people like me: pantsers. We know what the story is going to be, but we just let the words flow. I didn't expect to write Prudence as one who struggles with her moral compass, but that's how she turned out. I honestly didn't expect to write Clive as one who disliked Prudence, but it just felt right as I wrote their initial dialogue together. One review mentioned that I must have "pages and pages" of background information on Prudence and I honestly laughed. I wasn't laughing at the person by any means. I was laughing at myself because boy, what a let down it would be if that person knew how absolutely untrue that is. I have pages and pages of notes on my research of the murderers and the time periods, but maybe a paragraph or two for the characters. Being super organized in my daily life, you'd think I'd be a plotter, but it's just not organic enough for me when writing. I literally have to go with the flow (ha!).

I'll return in a couple of weeks with links to where you may purchase The Immortal Prudence Blackwood. Now get out there and enjoy the last month of this beautiful summer!

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